France is in 1/4 Final of the World Cup waiting for Uruguay or Portugal

France vs Argentina and Messi out of the World Cup

Story Highlights

  • France 4: 3 Argentina
  • 1:0 Griezmann (13), 1:1 Di maria (41), 1:2 Mercado (48), 2:2 Pavard (57), 3:2 Mbappe (64), 4:2 Mbappe (68), 4:3 Aguero (93)

The first 1/8 match of the World Cup was played between France vs Argentina . Europeans played much better, they win 4: 3 and deservedly are in the quarterfinals, where they will meet the winner of the Uruguay vs Portugal match winner. Messi and the company will return home to Argentina, the finalists of the previous World Cup are out in the 1/8 finals.

In the first half Argentina had the ball but Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann were attacking Argentina defenders at speed.

Banega’s unlucky pass was taken by Mbappe ran inside the penalty box and the Argentina’s defender pulled him and fouled on Kylian until he was stopped. Griezmann’s Penalty was flawless.

France team left Di Maria inadvertently in the center of the field, and he scored an amazing Goal in top right corner with the left foot.


Messi made a shot in a difficult situation, but Mercado, who was ambushed near the Goal area of france. Mercado scored a goal

Benjamin Pavard Super Goal

Kylian Mbappe was best at the situation and scored his first Goal

The next fastest attack by the France, Olivier Jiroud assisted Kylian Mbappe and the 19-year-old Super Star scored his double on the World Cup

Sergio Aguero made chance at the last seconds for Argentina, Aguero scored after Messi assist.

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