Tragedy of Germany in Kazan | World Champion is out of World Cup

South Korea vs Germany - Group stage match

Story Highlights

  • South Korea | 2:0 | Germany
  • 1:0 Kim (92), 2:0 Son (96)
  • First time in history , Germany is out from the group stage

In the final round of Group F, World Champion Germany met South Korea and lost 0: 2 | in Kazan. In the second game of the group, the Sweden easily defeated Mexico. Thus, the world champion is out of the tournament.

In the first half Germany had the ball, but they did not create any dangerous moments at all. Koreans were playing through the pressing. The best moment of the first half was created due to Manuel Neuer’s mistake.

Second half was no better for Germany either, Low put Gomez , Muller and Brandt in the game. Koreans had spaces for counter attack but they could not use it.

At the end of the match, world champions were attacking with the whole team. Hummels and Kroos had episodes

South Korea Goal | Kim 1:0 | 92 Minute

Korean attack, Young-Gwon Kim scored from close range. The referee caught the offside play, but Video referee changed the decision. The German team took the last place in the group.

South Korea Second Goal | Son | 96 Minute

This is more than enough – Son has scored in the empty goal box on the counter attack! Video-Referee counted a goal. The Bundesteam Mundial is out of the World Cup, what a shame.

Analysis and Interesting facts

Joachim Low tried anything possible on this mundial but could not found the required formula – the team was clearly unprepared for the World Championship. Bundesteam played football, match to the outsider, and earned the last place in the group. But even before, just Toni Kroos maintained an intrigue.

► In the 21st Century, The World Champion Team, was out from the world cup at the group stage – Five out of Four times (Years | 2002, 2010, 2014, 2018) . Sportzus facts

► 20% of the goals on this World Cup is scored after 90 minute. Sportzus facts

► It is Germany’s first time to be out from the World Cup at Group Stage. In 1938, when the team lost in the first round and was out but, the group stage was not at that time. Sportzus facts


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